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Welcome Members

As a shareholder, you are entitled to reserve a single room without any additional charge for a minimum of a four (4) week period (2 weeks "in season", 2 weeks "off-season"). Advance reservation forms are availble to print off the website. It is important that this form be filled out completely and with as much information as possible for us to handle your request properly and insure you a happy vacation in Fort Lauderdale at the Coral Cay.

Space is allocated by priority of date the request is received in our office. Your completed request form can be sent to us as early as four (4) months in advance of your planned arrival date. This is especially important if you wish to upgrade to an efficiency, for example. Your regularly scheduled time may be exchanged for another time period. You may also exchange your room for larger accommodations or request additional room(s) for small-added cost. For a normal $70, "off-season" time can be exchanged for "in-season". (See Rates & Changes)

The reservation form is mailed to you 120 days prior to your scheduled time if we have not received one from you earlier. If you do not receive confirmation that your reservation request has been received by this office, please call 419-882-0080. You will receive confirmation of your reservation 90 days in advance of your planned arrival at the Coral Cay. After that time, any changes in your reservation within 30 days of your arrival date must be made with our manager in Florida (1-954-561-0617).
When no reservation request form is received, it is assumed that it will not be used or used at a later date in the year.

You can exchange your scheduled time with another member or offer to purchase their scheduled time, but this is between the members. However, I, as reservation manager, must be notified. Contact your group Director if you have any question.

Please refer to the general information sheet for space allocation system priorities and facility rules.

Upon arrival, your keys will be waiting for you in the assigned room mail slot. (Check the guest list posted in the office for your assigned room member.)

We are happy to have you as a member of the Coral Cay family. Enjoy the companionship of family and friends; enjoy the caress of balmy ocean breezes. HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!

Boyd Montgomery, Reservations Manager