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FAQ About  Reservations-
Question: I want to reserve time at CC. What is the best way to do this?
Answer: Fill out a reservation form completely and mail it or fax it to Boyd. This can be done up to one year in advance. Reservation may be made via E-mail by providing all of the information requested on the reservation form. E-mail will be acknowledged. Call Boyd's office only if absolutely necessary. E-mail - Fax: 419-882-7042.  If the reservation form is not completely completed it will be returned to the sender for the necessary information and not entered until it has been completed properly per the  Board of Directors.

Question: I understand that I will get my notice from Boyd 120 days (4 mos.) in advance and that I have 30 days to reply. I will receive confirmation from Boyd 90 days in advance of the time requested. What happens next?
Answer: The occupancy list for each time period goes to the manager in Florida approx. 30 days in advance of the time period so that the mgr can plan activities accordingly. During this 30 day period, reservations must be handled with the mgr in Florida for last minute requests, changes and cancellations.

Question: Can a nonmember purchase a member's scheduled time?
Answer: Yes. Complete the reservation form stating guest's name and send it to Boyd. This entitles the person to a motel room. Additional space must go to a member first. If there is space leftover, the person is charged the full guest rate by the corporation less the member's credit for his or her motel room.

Question: When is the best time to sell scheduled "prime time" that we do not plan to use.
Answer: As soon as you get your notice from Boyd and before he sends out the confirmations which is done 90 days ahead of the scheduled time period.

Question: Do I improve my priority position if I buy February or March scheduled time from a member?
Answer: Yes, but this needs to be done 90 days prior to the date of your planned arrival date. For anything other than prime time, simply arrange for an exchange of time with Boyd.

Question: How early can we put in our reservation request?
Answer: Reservation requests are accepted one (1) year in advance. The date a reservation is received is important in the priority sequence.

Question: Are guests ever accommodated before all members are taken care of?
Answer: There is an exception and that is if the guest uses a member's motel room during the member's scheduled time (not exchanged for another time). And, a guest who accompanies a member and shares a one or two bedroom apartment with a member.

Question: Who is considered a member?
Answer: The shareholder and his/her spouse, their children (any age) and/or their parents. All other relatives and friends are considered 'guests'.

Question: Do we send our payment for charges (extra room space, etc.) to Boyd?
Answer: No Send your payment to Colony Apartments, INC. - PO Box 8558, Toledo, Ohio 43623.

Question: Should a letter accompany the reservation request form?
Answer: If your reservation request involves more people and several rooms, a letter can be very helpful.

Question: Do reservations forms have to be completely filled out and signed?
Answer: Yes. Sign and also print your name under the signature. Include telephone or E-mail address.

Question: Use it or lose it?
Answer: Your share and dues guarantees that you or your family can use your four weeks at the CC anytime within a given year if the time you want is available based on priorities. If you have no plans to use your scheduled time, let Boyd know. You can use it later if you did not exchange, trade or sell it.

Question: My group has only one scheduled time this year. What should I do?
Answer: The missing period is like having a "wild card". You may elect to use it for ANYTIME in the year. Indicate on line #6 of your request form that you are using EXTRA PRIME TIME.

Question: Is the date the reservation request is received by Boyd important?
Answer: Yes, the date is very important. Boyd may have similar requests and that is when 'date rec'd' is very important.

Question: Can 'time' be carried over into another year?
Answer: No, 'time' must be used in the year that it falls and cannot be carried over into next year.

Question: What is considered 'prime time'
Answer: Prime time starts November 1st and runs to the end of April. (6 mos.)