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The Coral Cay Story
Hello there. What I am about to tell you is the "best kept secret". The inexpensive alternative to an expensive Florida resort vacation is owning a share in the Coral Cay.

The Coral Cay is in a fabulous location. Right in the middle of the famous Fort Lauderdale beach area with shopping, dining and entertainment within walking distance. Two short blocks east is the city's two-mile long beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Two short blocks west and you see the intra-coastal waterway. There are 300 miles of waterways in Fort Lauderdale.

When our friends first told us about the Coral Cay, we said it sounds GREAT! We bought a share sight unseen and believe me we were not disappointed. We look forward each year to the couple weeks or more of going to beautiful Ft. Lauderdale and being at the Coral Cay with many members that have become our friends over the years. It's also a fun place for getting together with our children, grandchildren, sisters and brothers. We play, we eat, we soak up the sun and enjoy the balmy ocean breeze. Average temperature is 77 degrees. Fort Lauderdale no longer catering to Spring Breakers, has become a favorite (international) family vacation destination.

Back in the 60's, a group of far sighted Toledo and Sylvania business and professional friends decided it would be smarter to buy a place in Fort Lauderdale rather than pay the big bucks to rent places for their families to stay. They found the perfect location and incorporated it as the Colony Apartments, (better known to us as the Coral Cay). they sold shares to family members, friends and friends of friends. We share holders have a very special interest in the Coral Cay because WE OWN IT ALL. The members elect the Board of Directors at a general meeting in the fall who in turn elect the officers. The managers live on the premises.

There are twenty-four units in two buildings with a large palm tree landscaped courtyard in-between the tow buildings. The Coral Cay has single rooms and efficiencies and a sheltered beautiful heated pool. The weeks-end has one and two bedroom apartments. The courtyard has covered patio and large Webber grill, perfect place to enjoy a cookout or chat with friends and fellow members. On holidays and in the summer, the courtyard is the perfect grassy area for children. It is also an ideal spot for reading and sunning.

There are four types of accommodations available: 11 SINGLE ROOMS for up to three persons, have a  refrigerator and coffee maker. The 8 EFFICIENCIES are larger single rooms with a kitchen and dining area. The 3 1-BEDROOM APARTMENTS have twin beds and accommodate up to 5 persons. The two 2-BEDROOM APARTMENTS have twin beds in one bedroom and a queen size bed in the other bedroom and will accommodate up to 7 persons. The efficiencies and apartments each have a kitchen with full size refrigerator and a dining area. All rooms have full size baths, ceiling fans, air conditioning and cable TV. Maid service is provided. Connecting rooms area available and work out very well for young families.

Upon your arrival, your key will be waiting for you in the assigned room mail slot. There is a telephone in the office and paging system. Washers, dryers and an ice maker are located near the office.

The following scenes of the area show only some places of interest all within a five or ten minute drive from the Coral Cay. (video available upon request)

The one time share cost is low and the quarterly maintenance fee is just enough to take care of Coral Cay needs. Buying one share entitles you to use of a single room for one month a year, two weeks in the winter season and two weeks summer. (Interchangeable) Efficiencies and apartments are available on request for a small additional cost but are subject to availability based on our reservation rules.

The Coral Cay is a FAMILY AFFAIR. The membership changes from time to time, but it remains traditionally with family and friends. There are a limited number of shares sold.

If you like the idea of being a part of the Coral Cay family, folks just like yourselves, the member who is offering you this opportunity will be happy to forward your name to our President. While in the surrounding area, folks are paying $100 a day minimum, you can stay in your own place, the Coral Cay, for only the cost of the quarterly dues or about $20 a day for a room.

Remember the location.......ONLY THREE SHORT BLOCKS FROM THE OCEAN AND THE TWO MILES OF WAVE WALK ALONG THE BEAUTIFUL BEACH which is ideal for the many folks who like to walk.